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Whether you’re a small startup looking for essential features or a large enterprise seeking advanced tools and scalability, our plans provide flexible options to ensure you find the perfect fit. Each plan is designed to offer a comprehensive set of features aimed at enhancing your online store’s performance and growth, giving you the freedom to choose the solution that best aligns with your specific goals and budget.

The Starter

The basic package to start with

€19 / month

Inclusion in TRUDA CSS
Prioritized showing in shopping
Up to 20% less advertising costs
Products shown on
Support from TRUDA and GOOGLE

The Aspirant

Take advantage of one TRUDA Label

Starting at €49 / month

The Starter package
One custom label created by TRUDA for your products

The Hero

Enhanced start for your online shop

Starting at €99 / month

The Starter package
Two custom labels created by TRUDA for your products

Frequently Asked Questions

What Access to i need to give?

We will need access to your Google Merchant Center account, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertising platforms if you have.

Will TRUDA create marketing campaigns?

TRUDA will not create Google Ads / Facebook Ads campaigns, you or your marketing team will still create campaigns.

Will TRUDA delete my data?

TRUDA is only adding on top your data labels and groups your data in a smart way so you can improve your marketing campaigns.

What if I do not have a Google Ads account?

TRUDA can still create most of the labels because we are only looking for metrics such as cost, clicks, impressions, CTR and other for each product.

I don't see the labels in my Google Ads account

There are a couple of cases :

  1. Your Google Ads account is not connected to Google Merchant Center. Link your Google Ads account to Merchant center;
  2. Google Merchant center has a delay to send the data instantly to Google Ads account and you should wait a couple of hours;
  3. Your Google Analytics or feed have been unlinked;
  4. You changed the ID’s of the products or in Feed or in Google Analytics account;
  5. Problems regarding TRUDA – you can use our ticket system here
What if i dont have a Google Analytics account?

TRUDA can still create a couple of labels which you can use but we strongly suggest that you create one

What if i dont have a Google Merchant account?

Google Merchant is the platform you need in order to run Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns  so you will eventually need to create one so you can run Google Ads campaigns. You can still export the data as CSV / XML or custom.

How do I create a Google Ads campaign

You just enter your Google Ads account and create a normal Performance Max Campaign. You just simply select the products based on custom labels.

What daily Budget should I have in my campaigns

Budgets and campaign setting are completely up to you. However each month you will have feedback from us regarding the best settings of a Google Ads campaign.

What Labels I should use in Google Ads?

You can use any label which is best suited to your needs. We strongly recommend to use custom_label_0 which contains labels regarding revenue. The values are : “high revenue” / “average revenue” and “no revenue”.



“TRUDA helped us to scale our marketing budgets and increase the ROAS of our Google Ads campaigns. Now I can get real-time data on how my products are performing”


“By spliting the budget based on price ranges, TRUDA helped us to scale our marketing budgets and increase the ROAS of our Google Ads campaigns”


“TRUDA is helping our business to identify in real time trending products and segment our marketing campaigns for a higher ROAS”