About us

We are a startup based in Bucharest, Romania that helps e-commerce businesses advertise the best products and optimize their advertising spend. Our mission is to label every product in the world and help e-commerce businesses grow.

Our advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques allow us to compare the revenue of each product within a given category and assign each product a label based on its relative performance. This includes options labelling each product based on more than 80 metrics, dimensions, labels, and attributes  important to your business, so that you can quickly and easily identify which products are performing well and which ones may be underperforming.

These include metrics such as ROAS, Conversion Rate, Profit Margin, Revenue, Price Range, Trend, Google/Meta Clicks, Hero/Toxic Products, New Products, Size Label, Benchmark, Profit, CTR, and more.

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Product Feed Management Tool Maximize Revenue - Truda.io

Maximize revenue

In addition to providing the labels described earlier, we also offer detailed visualizations and reports that allow users to dig deeper into the data and understand the underlying trends and patterns in their product revenue. This can be useful for identifying potential areas of improvement and for making more informed decisions about how to optimize their product mix and strategies.

At TRUDA, our goal is to help businesses better understand the performance of their products and make more informed decisions about how to maximize revenue and profitability. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable and actionable insights that help our users succeed.

About our experience - Truda.io

Over 15 years of accumulated online experience and over 10 years in which we have offered promotional services through Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and SEO.

We understand how important the investment you make in developing your business is and we are completely focused on results.

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Feed export

Truda takes your business to the next level by automatically creating qualitative feeds for different price comparison websites, affiliate networks, marketplaces and it uses Machine Learning to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

With Truda, you can monitor the most important metrics and stay informed to make great improvements.

About us efficiency - Truda.io

Truda is designed to help your marketing department by providing you with real-time data about each product. This means you can view the data of each product highlighting your best performing products and the least performing ones.

Once your Shopping ads begin running, we’ll create a fully customized, real-time report which you can access at any time.