Smarter PPC Campaigns

Our software pulls your ecommerce, advertising and analytics data on a daily basis and uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to compare the products in your store. Based on this comparison, TRUDA assigns each product a label, allowing you to easily identify which products are performing well and which may be underperforming.

TRUDA was launched by a group of people after having more than 10 years experience in digital advertising and was created at first as an internal tool that scaled hundreds of businesses both local and international.

Smarter PPC Campaigns for Ecommerce

Increase your revenue with at least 30% and unlock the full potential of your products with TRUDA’s powerful product labeling technology.

Build your PPC Campaigns smarter with Truda

Based on this analysis, TRUDA assigns each product a label and groups them into customisable “buckets” based on their sale price. For example, you may choose to group products into three buckets: “low price”, “medium price” and “high price”. Or, you may choose to group products based on other metrics such as revenue, traffic or margin.

Once the products are grouped and labeled, TRUDA provides you with detailed insights and visualisations that help you understand the performance of each bucket. You can see how many products are in each bucket, the revenue they generated, the number of sessions they received, the number of clicks they received on advertising platforms like Google or Meta, the cost of those clicks and the return on ad spend (ROAS) they generated.

This information is extremely valuable for online retailers, as it helps them identify which products are performing well and which ones may be underperforming. With this knowledge, retailers can make more informed decisions about how to optimize their product mix and marketing strategies, ultimately leading to increased revenue and profitability.


TRUDA analyses the revenue each product generates in its own category, compares its performance to other products and considers the length of time it has been published (new versus old product) in that category to assign it a label.

While the Pareto principle may not always apply to ecommerce, it’s often surprising how few products actually generate significant income or profit.

The goal of any business, whether it be a digital agency or an individual managing their own marketing campaigns, is to drive traffic to products that are important to the business and generate revenue. By identifying products that receive a lot of clicks or traffic but generate few sales, or no sales at all, changes can be made to campaigns quickly to improve performance.

By pulling data on a daily basis and considering the business as a whole, improvements can often be seen within 30 days of using TRUDA.

Trending products

TRUDA analyses the revenue of each product over a period of time to determine whether it is currently being sold. Using machine learning algorithms, TRUDA then assigns the product a label indicating whether its revenue is trending upwards or downwards, or if it is an “evergreen” product with consistent sales. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that operate in seasonal industries, such as apparel, shoes, glasses, outdoor gear, food and travel. By identifying the products with an upward or downward trend, businesses can make informed decisions about which products to prioritise in their marketing efforts.

HERO / TOXIC Products

With TRUDA, you can easily identify the top performers in your product catalog – the “HERO” products that are driving the most revenue and sales for your business. By analyzing data such as revenue and traffic for each product, TRUDA is able to identify which products are truly driving success for your business and label them accordingly. On the other hand, TRUDA can also identify products that may be underperforming or even “toxic” – those that are generating a lot of traffic but not enough revenue. This insight can be incredibly valuable for businesses, as it allows them to focus their efforts and resources on the products that are driving the most success, while potentially phasing out or adjusting the strategy for those that are not performing as well. Overall, TRUDA’s HERO and TOXIC labels provide a clear and concise way to understand the performance of your product catalog and make informed decisions about your marketing and sales efforts.

High margin

Do you want to advertise the products with the highest or the lowest margin? It’s up to you to choose which one you want!

Dormant products

What about the product that have not generated any traffic? What about the products that have no clicks in Google / Facebook? With TRUDA you can have a special campaign just for them.


You know that feeling when you sell like crazy a product and you just run out of stock when things just started to work well? Well, TRUDA will notify you when you will run out of stock based on current settings.

Mysterious products

You know those products that are added to cart but not purchased? What about those who are viewed but nobody adds them to cart? TRUDA will label them for you so you can better analyse other aspects of the business (prices, shipping, etc).

Next steps to the best PPC campaign

TRUDA can help you achieve a successful marketing campaign by providing valuable insights into the performance of your products and enabling you to make informed decisions about which products to advertise. By using TRUDA, you can increase revenue and grow your business by focusing on the products that will drive the most sales. Although there are many factors that contribute to a successful marketing campaign in e-commerce, TRUDA can help you get closer to the ideal by providing the information you need to make informed decisions about your advertising strategy.