Ultimate professional feed and marketing insights tool.

Ultimate professional feed and marketing insights tool - Truda.io

Advanced feed optimization, product labeling, and campaign segmentation

Increase your revenue with at least 30% and unlock the full potential of your products with TRUDA’s powerful product labeling technology.

Feed management - Truda.io

Feed Management

Manage your feeds in one place. There is no need to develop multiple feeds for each advertising platform! TRUDA streamlines this process, offering comprehensive feed management functionalities that enable seamless integration with various platforms such as Compari.ro, EMAG, TikTok, and much more.

Smarter Advertising Campaigns - Truda.io

Smarter Campaigns

The integration of TRUDA’s custom labels into Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns unlocks a realm of possibilities for advertisers. You can create campaigns based on specific labels such as Revenue, ROAS, Trending products, Hero products, Toxic products, Price range, Benchmark,  Cart label, and much more.

Insights and analytics data feed management - Truda.io

Insights & Analytics

You can make business decisions based on real numbers. See performance from all your products, channels and ad accounts in ONE PLACE. Explore detailed product insights, including metrics like ROAS, Revenue, Google Clicks, Meta Clicks, Conversion Rate, Profit Margin, CTR, and much more.


Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) are platforms that allow businesses to display their products on Google’s Shopping Ads. These ads appear on the Google Shopping tab and often at the top of regular Google search results. CSS partners, like TRUDA, serve as intermediaries connecting merchants with Google’s Shopping platform. We help optimize product listings, manage ad campaigns, and enhance the overall shopping experience for both consumers and businesses.

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All your data in one place

See performance from all your products, channels and ad accounts in ONE PLACE. Explore detailed product insights, including metrics like ROAS, Revenue, Google Clicks, Meta Clicks, Conversion Rate, Profit Margin, CTR, and much more.

Data Feed Management - Truda.io

Why Truda?

With TRUDA software, you can initiate tailored campaigns utilizing a wide array of metrics and labels that were not previously accessible in platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. 

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Who is TRUDA for?

Small eCommerce
If you have less than 30 orders / day TRUDA, highlights the product you should advertise more so your business can thrive.

Medium & Big eCommerce
If you have more than 30 orders / day and you need to scale or optimise your business, TRUDA is to go-to tool for that.

Product feed management labels - Truda.io


TRUDA uses advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques to compare the revenue of each product within a given category. It then assigns each product a label based on its relative performance, with options such as “high revenue”, “average revenue” and “no revenue”. This allows users to quickly and easily identify which products are performing well and which ones may be underperforming, without having to manually analyze and compare the data themselves.

In addition to providing these labels, TRUDA also offers detailed visualizations and reports that allow users to dig deeper into the data and understand the underlying trends and patterns in their product revenue. This can be useful for identifying potential areas of improvement and for making more informed decisions about how to optimize their product mix and strategies.

Over 30 labels to choose from

We have created over 30 labels our clients can use to empower their online campaigns. Every each one of them has been tested and proved working by our team of experienced online marketing specialists.

Revenue Label

You can create effective advertising campaigns based on the Revenue generated in the last 30 days, grouping products into segments such as “High Revenue, Average Revenue, Low Revenue, No Revenue”.

Promoted Label

Tags products based on the number of Clicks each product has received in the last 30 days from Google and Meta, allowing you to promote products as “Super promoted, Normal promoted, Low promoted, and Not promoted”.

Conversion Rate Label

Provides the opportunity to group products based on the efficiency of the conversion rate, allowing for strategic campaign creation with these products.

Benchmark Label

See where are you situated in the market, price wise, relative to your competition. Labels products ar “Above market benchmark”, ” At benchmark ” and ” Below benchmark “.

New Products Label

Identify the “New products” within a certain time frame, allowing you to efficiently manage separate campaigns for these products. 

ROAS Range Label

It allows you to identify and group products based on the desired level of ROAS, facilitating the creation of distinct campaigns for products that meet these ROAS standards.

Price Ranges Label

The price range that brings the highest contribution can be identified, and a separate campaign can be run on it, or the underperforming price segments can be eliminated.

More to come

More informations about other labels are on the way. Keep an eye on the website to be the first to learn about them!

How it works and results

How TRUDA Works

TRUDA connects to the Product Feed/Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, and advertising systems and pulls data from those accounts. Based on that data, the algorithm generates labels for each product. Then, you can export the product feed to various platforms such as Google, Facebook, Compari.ro, EMAG, TikTok, and much more. The data is pulled on a daily basis, and the algorithm recalculates each time. 

Try TRUDA now and take your business to the next level with comprehensive, valuable insights into your product performance and marketing campaigns.


Across all the platform we saw:

  • 20% decrease in ad spend
  • 33% increase in conversion rate
  • 28% decrease in CPA

The aim of every PPC manager or eCommerce manager is to drive traffic to products that are actually being sold or are important to any business.

With TRUDA you can segment and export your data to multiple ad platforms and create custom combinations that are relevant to your business.

E.g: Export to Facebook only products that are High Revenue & Average Revenue, are between 100-150 euro, and are in a specific category. Additionally, you can combine these criteria with products that have had a Conversion Rate of X% or higher in the last 30 days or with products that have achieved a very good ROAS for the project.

Keep the overview over all eCommerce activities – All in ONE PLACE!


“TRUDA helped us to scale our marketing budgets and increase the ROAS of our Google Ads campaigns. Now I can get real-time data on how my products are performing” – Vexio.ro


“By spliting the budget based on price ranges, TRUDA helped us to scale our marketing budgets and increase the ROAS of our Google Ads campaigns” – Vegis.ro

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Frequently Asked Questions

What access do I need to give?

We will need access to your Google Merchant Center account, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertising platforms if you have.

Will TRUDA create marketing campaigns?

TRUDA will not create Google Ads / Facebook Ads campaigns, you or your marketing team will still create campaigns.

Will TRUDA delete my data?

TRUDA is only adding on top your data labels and groups your data in a smart way so you can improve your marketing campaigns.

What if I do not have a Google Ads account?

TRUDA can still create most of the labels because we are only looking for metrics such as cost, clicks, impressions, CTR and other for each product.

I don't see the labels in my Google Ads account

There are a couple of cases :

  1. Your Google Ads account is not connected to Google Merchant Center. Link your Google Ads account to Merchant center;
  2. Google Merchant center has a delay to send the data instantly to Google Ads account and you should wait a couple of hours;
  3. Your Google Analytics or feed have been unlinked;
  4. You changed the ID’s of the products or in Feed or in Google Analytics account;
  5. Problems regarding TRUDA – you can use our ticket system here
What if I don't have a Google Analytics account?

TRUDA can still create a couple of labels which you can use but we strongly suggest that you create one

What if I don't have a Google Merchant account?

Google Merchant is the platform you need in order to run Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns  so you will eventually need to create one so you can run Google Ads campaigns. You can still export the data as CSV / XML or custom.

How do I create a Google Ads campaign

You just enter your Google Ads account and create a normal Performance Max Campaign. You just simply select the products based on custom labels.

What daily Budget should I have in my campaigns

Budgets and campaign setting are completely up to you. However each month you will have feedback from us regarding the best settings of a Google Ads campaign.

What Labels I should use in Google Ads?

You can use any label which is best suited to your needs. We strongly recommend to use custom_label_0 which contains labels regarding revenue. The values are : “high revenue” / “average revenue” and “no revenue”.

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Latest news

Benchmark Label

By evaluating and comparing your product prices with those of similar merchants, TRUDA empowers you to categorize and tag your products based on their pricing relative to the market.

Conversion Rate Label

The “Google Conversion Rate” label, abbreviated as ‘Conv. rate,’ offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. It quantifies the frequency with which an ad click translates into a desired action, such as a purchase, sign-up, or download.

Promoted Label

Promoted Label allows you to group and label products based on the number of clicks they have generated in the last 30 days from Google and Facebook platforms. This labeling helps you identify and act upon products that have had the greatest impact in attracting customer attention.

Revenue Label

Revenue Label

TRUDA offers a powerful solution through its Revenue Label feature, which categorizes products based on revenue data from the past 30 days.

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What does TRUDA do?

What does TRUDA do?

Enter TRUDA, a robust tool designed to revolutionize E-commerce management through advanced product labeling, feed optimization, and campaign segmentation across platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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